Year FIVE is about to go LIVE!!

What better way to kick off a new blog than with a tour of my classroom!?

So, this year I will be teaching 7th grade science at a new school. To be real honest with you… I got THE worst room in the school. It reminds me of a dungeon- No windows, no storage, no counter space. When I was given the keys this summer and walked into the room I literally stood there and cried! But then I thought to myself “What would Joanna Gaines do?!” (YES. I seriously asked myself this.) In that moment I promised myself I would make it my mission to Fixer Upper this space. Let’s take a look at the before, shall we?

Yikes, right?! Now you know why I was crying?! Anyway, I’m going to show you what I did with this classroom and how I will utilize certain areas so.. ARE YOU READY TO SEE YOUR FIXER UPPER???

My door is probably my favorite part of my classroom. My amazing sister spent multiple hours drawing science-y stuff on my door. I absolutely love how it turned out! The door was originally the color of the trim, but I painted over it in chalk paint. She used chalk pens to draw everything and the words are vinyl cut by my Silhouette Cameo.

Here are some shots of the classroom…

DSC_0005DSC_0006DSC_0025This lab station was black and really darkened the room. I painted it turquoise and antiqued it a bit with the sander. DSC_0027I stained wood pieces and my husband turned them into shelves! There was so much empty wall space in this classroom so I really had to get creative. I came up with this shelf design all by myself! (so proud!) I have a small obsession with rocks and dinosaurs so the shelves were perfect for displaying my collection. DSC_0033This classroom = ZERO STORAGE. I labeled the tubs above the whiteboard according to the labs I plan to do throughout the year. It’s an easy way to store lab supplies and keep them organized!DSC_0007CLASS JOBS!

This probably should be a blog post all on its own, but I will give you the rundown… So each student in each class will be assigned a number. (1-27) This number is very important because I use their number for ALL THE THINGS! One being their class jobs. I created 14 important class job titles and labeled them using name tags from Target. I then created number circles and attached velcro to the back for easy rotation. This will begin the second week of school. So for example, student number 8  will be the “bell ringer leader”- they will be in charge of using the iPad to look up any information the class needs to answer the bell ringer questions and make sure everyone is on task. Each week I will rotate the numbers. Some weeks students will not have a job. ALSO I created a book beside the jar in the picture that has every job description so if they forget what a job is responsible for, they can refer back to the book instead of asking me. DSC_0008CLASS NOTEBOOKS!

I purchased the metal shelf and cardboard magazine holders from IKEA. These cardboard boxes are a LIFE SAVER!!! Let me tell ya… So my last year teaching 6th Science I used these boxes to store every students science interactive notebook and it worked like a DREAM!! (In years past I used a crate and it took my kids forever to find their notebooks and sit down.) So again, every student in each class has a number- that number box is where they will store their notebook so it never leaves the room. I have 4 science classes, so there will be 4 notebooks in each box- 1 from each class.


At the end of each class the caddies will be checked to make sure all materials are returned and put back on the shelf. I labeled everything in the caddies according to their group scientist name. The cup is a mini trash can- At the end of each class the caddy monitor will be responsible for dumping out any trash and restocking any old materials.

DSC_0012The cabinet that got me 1,000 followers on Instagram. *Heart Eyes*DSC_0017This is our class pet, Winston! He has been with me since my first year teaching. He is so sweet and hilarious. My students fall in love with him every year! He is messy and stinky, but so worth the work!


No storage in the room means getting creative with how I organize my supplies! I LOVE how this turned out and I can find everything SO EASILY NOW!!!

DSC_0032This is the basket that my students check as they walk in the door. It usually will have what they need for the day for their notebooks!

ALSO- I could not live without my YOUNG LIVING diffuser in my classroom. It helps get rid of germs, purify the air, and the essential oil smells amazing! DSC_0043Such a great purchase from Joann’s Fabric! Middle school kiddos love drawing pictures and writing you notes. I love that they can put it in my mailbox now instead of handing me stuff and it gets lost in the craziness! DSC_0010

This is at the back of my room. Squad Goals speech bubbles are dry erase so that I can write out the goals for each unit. The anchor chart has velcro on the back so that I can change it as we change units.DSC_0045

Nuggets of Knowledge is on the back wall as well- this is just a close up! I used velcro on the fun facts so I can add new ones every week. (or let’s be real… probably every month! haha) DSC_0051AND THAT’S IT! We’re ready for a fresh year! I am so excited to meet my kids next Tuesday. What a blessing it is to get to be a teacher and create a space where I get to watch my kids grow, learn, and laugh! I’m looking forward to sharing my adventures with you. I plan to post once a week about creative ideas, lesson plans, projects, and teacher-y things.

I hope all of you have THE BEST year yet!!


                        The Magnolia Teacher

7 thoughts on “Year FIVE is about to go LIVE!!

  1. sophiearthur91 says:

    I wish my science teachers had made that much effort when I was in school. Although they probably werent allowed that much freedom unfortunately. Random question – with your curriculum do you do much with real scientists or social media? Im asking as a scientist who shares my science through social media. Thanks. And your classroom looks amazing!


      • sophiearthur91 says:

        Thats great! I mean more do you incorporate using social media pages to teach about different types of scientists and what being a scientist is like? There are so many good instagram pages run by scientists talking about different types of science. Its a great way for kids to interact with actual scientists in labs etc


      • sophiearthur91 says:

        No problem. Im curious to learn about what science teachers do 🙂 plus its also a bit of a selfish plug as Im trying to share science and my life as a scientist on my Instagram. But if youre not already you should 100% follow and share @science.sam she is amazing and is covering her brain stem cell research and the solar eclipse tomorrow 🙂 hopefully it will give you some ideas 🙂


  2. Rachael McNeive says:

    Hi! Love your room!
    My classroom has similar walls. How did you manage to get those shelves up there?
    Thanks 🙂


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