What’s in my Teacher Bag/Grad School Bag/ Purse?

I love posts where people share what’s in their bag! It’s so interesting to me to see what other people carry with them. I used to be that teacher that lugged 3+ bags to and from school, but I’m trying to work on that! I mean you never know when you might need something, right?

FullSizeRender 15

First of all, how cute is this tee?! It’s my new fave. The Wright Stuff Chics have the cutest tees that are SO COMFY. Click their name to go check them out. This is the bag that I’m currently carrying. I just got it from J Crew Factory and absolutely LOVE it. It stands up by itself, it’s real leather, and can carry a lot of stuff!

Now let’s get into the deets! This pic is everything for school, grad school, and purse essentials laid out…

FullSizeRender 13I have grad school once a week so on Tuesdays I add the cute Target folder, notebook, and textbook to my bag. (Bottom left)

This isn’t super glamorous, but these are the pouches that I keep my little stuff in…


  1. This is an old PINK makeup bag that fits pencils, pens, washi tape, glue stick, paper clips, and white-out perfectly.
  2. This bubble wrap baggie came with my Glossier makeup I had ordered and I love it! Its super thick and is the perfect size to store my sticky notes, notepad, markers, and cards.
  3. This Old Navy pouch holds my lip gloss, lipstick, chapstick, antibacterial, rubber bands, etc. Everything I normally carry in my purse.
  4. This is my oil pouch! I found this on Etsy from Baggage and Co It has little pockets that fit oil bottles perfectly. I don’t go anywhere without this! I’ll talk about what oils I carry below.

These are my school bag essentials…


  1. Markers. You never know when you need to get creative! I just like caring a set with me.
  2. Glue stick. #teacherprobs
  3. White-out. For my pen booboos.
  4. Washi tape. These are my faves right now- donuts and succulents.
  5. Paper clips. These giant paper clips are everything!! You can find them at Target. They are so great at holding together a big stack of papers. I highly recommend getting some! I also carry some cute pineapple and flamingo paperclips that I use in my planner.
  6. Sticky notes. Literally have these everywhere and would forget everything if I didn’t have sticky notes. Whoever invented these are a genius.
  7. Cards from Dolla Spot. I love writing people notes so I carry a pack with me just in case.
  8. Notepad. Because i’m literally addicted to TO-DO LISTS.
  9. OILS. See picture below.
  10. Mac Momma Laptop. Where the contents of my life live.
  11. Pens & Pencils. Sharpie pens and Flair pens! L O V E.
  12. Young Living Ningxia Nitro. This stuff is GOLD. I always keep one in my bag. This little tube helps me focus, gives me energy, and overall helps me function at my highest potential. I highly recommend this! You just drink it and you’re ready to rock!
  13. Snack. My husband and I really like these Cliff brand Z bars. They are for kids, but they’re so yummy! Honestly, I carry multiple snacks with me because I am always hungry and always snacking!
  14. Target Dolla Spot notepad. These pads are so perfect for jotting down things. I go through them like no one’s business!
  15. My Planner. My life. This goes everywhere with me.
  16. My GUS (interactive science notebook). I like taking this home with me because I usually add things and put ideas I have on sticky notes and stick them in there.

Alright, let’s talk oils…


Honestly, I carry more than this with me everyday depending on the day, but I narrowed it down to the bare necessities!

Top row are for diffusing in my classroom, bottom row what I use on myself.

  1. Thieves. Y’all. Every teacher NEEDS this in their classroom. Right now at our school so many kids are out sick. We’ve got the stomach bug, head cold, and strep going around so I have been diffusing Thieves like crazy! It helps eliminate germs and keep you healthy.
  2. Awaken. Sometimes I’ll diffuse this blend in the AM to help wake myself and my students up.
  3. Clarity. This blend helps promote a clear head and helps focus on the task in front of you.
  4. Envision. I love the smell of this oil!!! I use this often on my diffuser bracelet. It promotes creativity.
  5. Lemongrass. Smells so good. I love diffusing this in my classroom.
  6. Geneyus. This blend is one I got for free with my Essential Rewards order (I probably would not have ordered it because I thought it was only for little kids- WRONG!) I have been using this on myself and definitely notice a difference with my concentration! I plan on diffusing this in class when my kids are working on projects or taking a Quizlet!
  7. Release. This is an oil that I can’t live without. It’s supposed to be for anger and negative feelings, but I use it when I am stressed. I put this behind my ears when I’m overwhelmed and it’s like magic because I instantly  feel calm. Love this oil!
  8. Tummygize. Another oil I got for free and wouldn’t think I could use. Before trying this, I used Digize for an upset stomach but I hated the smell. This works just as good for stomach probs and smells way better!
  9. Joy. This oil has replaced my perfume. It instantly puts me in the best mood when I smell it. I always have this oil with me! A great one for teachers!!!
  10. Lavender. I use this for any booboos.
  11. Peppermint with a roller ball on top. I get headaches A LOT. I just roll this over the spot it hurts and I’m not kidding you- less than 5 minutes its GONE! Another one I never go anywhere without!

& that’s a wrap! I hope you enjoyed this post and can use some stuff that I talked about! Piper wanted to pose with my new bag so I’ll leave you with that! 🙂 HAVE AN AMAZING 3 DAY WEEKEND, teacher friends! Y’all are incredible.



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