My Teacher Must-Haves from Young Living

I started using Young Living products last December and loved them so much I decided to become a distributor. These products have helped me so much in so many different aspects of my life. I love sharing what I know and how much these products have changed my life.

IMG_3045I started doing some research when I got into Young Living about the amount of chemicals people put on them, in their home, and inside of them with the use of everyday products. The average person applies THREE HUNDRED chemicals to their body every single day, and EIGHTY of those chemicals before breakfast! WHAT THE WHAT!!!! Have you ever heard of the Think Dirty app?! Download it. Try scanning some products you use everyday…. Prepare to be grossed out!! The cleaner that I loved so dearly was incredibly TOXIC. along with my body wash, hair products, makeup, soap, laundry detergent, ERRRYTHING!!! HORMONE DISRUPTORS. Scary stuff, y’all!  It was incredibly eye opening and led me to research ways to replace all the chemical filled products we have in our home…

Teacher’s lives are BUSY. We have a million things going on at one time. We’re exposed to so many kid germs. We have long work days. We are making a bajillion decisions in one day. WE NEED SUPPORT. We need to be taking care of our bodies and Young Living is THE best company to help do just that. I’ve rounded up my favorite teacher products from Young Living to share with you!

So, let’s get to the list!

Ningxia Red + Ningxia Nitro

IMG_6092When you have a busy day ahead you need to be on your A-Game. These two drinks will get you there! Ningxia Red is the red bottle on the left. You can purchase them in convenient 2 ounce packets or in the bottle like mine. Ningxia Red is an antioxidant powerhouse that’s main goal is to boost your immune system. What teacher doesn’t need that?! The cool thing is it only takes 2 ounces! Some mornings I take a shot of Ningxia Red paired with some grapefruit, lime, or orange essential oil. Most mornings I add the 2 ounces to to a pomegranate Bai water + a Ningxia Nitro. (pictured above.) Mmmmmm it is delicious and makes me feel SO GOOD. Nitro helps your cognitive focus and alertness. Better than coffee. (I know, I know. I love coffee too!) Call me crazy, but I feel way better after drinking this than coffee! I seriously get so much done and I am focused and ready for whatever craziness is to come.

 Thieves Household (and CLASSROOM) Cleaner + Thieves Essential Oil 


This cleaner is my all time favorite product. I am a super clean FREAK. I love cleaning. I love everything smelling good. I love this product, because I’m getting everything clean while at the same time staying CHEMICAL FREE! I can clean all day everyday without worrying about inhaling chemicals. ALSO- this one bottle cleans it all. Countertops, tile,  removes stains, windows, inside your car, all up in yo bathroom- toilets, showers, sinks, YOU NAME IT. THIS CLEANS IT. Not kidding. PLUS it’s $22 (with member discount) for the bottle of cleaner (right picture- tall, white bottle) that you only need TWO CAPFULS to fill a 16oz glass bottle. This has replaced ALL of my cleaners. I have one in my kitchen, bathroom, and classroom. My husband loves it. I feel good using it around my dog. My students love it and I love that I’m not exposing them to chemicals!


Thieves is the holy grail of all essential oils. This is THE best oil to help support the immune system especially during seasonal changes and when viruses are spreading around school. The left picture is hand purifier (always in my purse) and thieves with a roller ball on top (to directly apply to skin.) The right picture is Thieves Household Cleaner and Thieves fruit and veggie spray with a bottle of Thieves essential oil. Any time I am feeling under the weather I apply Thieves where the pain is and put a drop under my tongue. It helps so much and I prefer it over medicines from over the counter.



I use this oil EVERY MORNING before i leave for work. Endoflex is designed to keep all your body systems balanced to keep you at your best! It helps your to keep your stamina going throughout the day. Also is a great one for supporting your thyroid, adrenals, and hormones! There are so many success stories from this oil. I stopped using it for a little while because i wasn’t sure if it was doing anything… WHOA! I noticed what a difference it makes and I will never go without this one! Nutmeg is in this blend and is incredible for thyroid support  even if you don’t have thyroid problems it helps with stress and immune support.



HEADACHES BE GONE!!! Anytime I feel a headache coming on I reach for this little bottle. Within minutes of applying directly to my head, the ache is gone and I can go on with day! I’m not kidding you- Before oils, I used to take an Alieve and Tums everyday, now i never use over the counter meds! Peppermint also helps your alertness, stimulates your mind, and helps cool you down after a workout!



I use a lot of oils for emotional support and this is one of my favorites! Any time I’m feeling down, I just apply this florally blend and Im instantly in a better mood! This is one that you just have to try to believe. I was extremely skeptical before I got into oils. After trying them for myself I could not imagine life without them!



This oil is my classroom GO TO! This one is perfect for that after lunch/PE/Recess STANK! It helps to purify the air and smells ohhh soooo good. It’s also great for garbage disposals, diffusing after making stinky food (fish, brussel sprouts, etc.) applying topically to zits, and I use this with some baking soda to sprinkle on my carpets!



I love diffusing Envision in the classroom and wearing it on my diffuser bracelet! Honestly, this oil puts me at my highest level of creativity. I have this on when creating lesson plans and diffusing when my students are working on creative projects. Somehow this oil taps into your creativity and lets it run free. Plus, it smells amazing!


If you’re thinking “I’m interested! But where do I start?!” Don’t worry, I can help with that! The best place to start is with a Premium Starter Kit. It is the best bang for your buck! With this kit, you will get 11 different oils, a diffuser, samples, and information. Also, you will automatically become a member and receive a 24% discount on every purchase from here on out! You also become a member on my team (which is INCREDIBLE!!) I feel like my team has become family and I know I can always count of them to answer all my questions. We also have a great monthly program where you can get money back! Its a $50 minimum each month and you can change it each month to start replacing all your chemical filled products! Plus, every month Young Living gives away INCREDIBLE promotions if you spend a certain amount! Plus you earn points and can use them to buy products!


I know this was probably an overload of information, so if you have ANY questions or you’re interested in starting your oily journey please reach out! I would love to chat oils with you!!!

If you’re ready to dive in and get your Premium Starter Kit click the link below to order yours!!

Premium Starter Kit

Until next time…


7 thoughts on “My Teacher Must-Haves from Young Living

  1. Katy says:

    I got started on my oily journey in July and have been LOVING it! Do you have a diffuser in your classroom? My middle schoolers can get SMELLY, so I would love to be able to diffuse some Purification.


  2. Lee Ann says:

    Ok, first, can I just say that you are so stinkin adorable?! I started following you a few months ago and you’re so positive that I find it really refreshing and inspiring. I just used your link to order my starter kit… can’t wait to get it! Can I ask where you got your diffuser bracelet? Keep up all your great work!


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