Class Management System for Middle/High School



  1. Each of my classes chose a “team name” — I had my kids throw out ideas and then each student gets one vote to choose a winning name.
  2. I typed out their team names in cute font and posted them up for everyone to see. I had a small square cork board from Target dollar spot- I used my silhouette cameo to make a sticker that says Leader Board where I could post my team rankings for each day. Here’s what the set up looks like:



  1. Each class starts with 5 points each day that can be taken away (see below for details.) Each class can also earn 5 points for good behavior. So each class is capable of walking away with 10 points each day.
  2. All scores are recorded on the scoresheet at the end of each day and then added to the total.
  3. Set a deadline- The team (class) with the most points at the end (the top of the leaderboard) gets WHATEVER YOU WANT TO GIVE THEM! I’m rewarding my class with a Christmas movie and popcorn provided by me.



Take away points

  • Everyday my students are expected to be in their seats before the bell rings and working on their bell ringer. If this doesn’t happen, I take away a point.
  • Next, all students are expected to have their notebook at their desk and a pencil in hand, so I’ll say “show me your notebooks” “show me your pencils” If everyone doesn’t have notebooks and pencils I take away a point.
  • They are also expected to be quiet during roll call (where they number off and I take attendance) If they talk, I take away a point.
  • If students interrupt me while giving directions, I take away a point.
  • If students are talking about other stuff during science discussion- I take away a point.
  • If students are arguing and not being kind to one another- I take away a point (or multiple points.)

Add points

  • Working hard during mind mapping, notebooking, etc.
  • Participation
  • Respectful
  • Engagement
  • Just teacher discretion (YOU KNOW when your class is being good.)



I have had so much fun with this and the kids know it. Every class period right before the bell rings, I stand by the board and watch them. I kid you not, I have kids saying” SIT DOWN” “GO GET YOUR NOTEBOOK” “WE CAN’T LOSE ANY POINTS!” It’s just really neat to see how they can work together.

My 7th hour science is the last science class of the day and we were having SO MANY PROBLEMS. I came up with this system with that class as the focus. I can honestly say that they have impressed the heck out of me. They have worked the hardest out of all my classes to make sure they get all their points.

Competitiveness comes out when implementing this system. I have kids running in my room at the end of every day to check to see if I updated the leaderboard.

I hope this helps you in your classroom like it has in mine!  I really don’t know how long this will last, but I’m hoping for awhile! Let me know if you end up using this and how you are liking it!



4 thoughts on “Class Management System for Middle/High School

  1. Gina Giglia says:

    I absolutely love everything about this idea! I just saw it on Instagram and had to find the blog post! My classes are quite large, so I was thinking of doing this on a smaller scale where they could compete against their own classmates. Any suggestions or tips when implementing?

    Fingers crossed that this works! 🙂


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