Hellooooo, babes! I haven’t blogged in a hot minute, I know. Life has been CRAZY lately, but I plan on jumping back into blogging consistently. (YAAAY!!)


For this post I want to focus on goal setting and share with you some things that I plan on  working on in 2018. Goal setting is something that I truly love doing. This helps get me motivated and dedicated to accomplishing what I set my mind to. Every year I choose a word that drives my year with little goals for each category of life relating to my word. I also set goals monthly and weekly as the year goes on. This just keeps me on my game and always working to better myself!

IMG_1321My word for 2018 is BRAVE. In every area of my life for this year I want to BE brave. I’m going to be real honest with you here. 2017 was a SUUUPER rough year for me. I struggled in every area of my life. One area being, switching to teaching high school, realizing that it wasn’t for me, and then trying to find a different position in middle school in the same district. I learned really quickly that I AM A MIDDLE SCHOOL TEACHER. I 100% need to be with my middles. High school kids mini adults didn’t GET ME. They didn’t appreciate my creative lessons, my sense of humor, or my style of teaching. It was a hard blow to my ego, y’all. I’m thankful for the experience, but I knew where I worked best as an educator. I also had struggles in my personal life and starting grad school. SO MANY STRUGGLES.

I love that 2018 is a NEW year. It’s a fresh start, a clean slate, a new beginning. There will be so many opportunities to be BRAVE. In my personal life, in my career, in my essential oil business, and in grad school. I have some super exciting plans for this year and I cannot wait to share them with you throughout this journey.

If you follow my Instagram, you know that in December I started a WELLNESS JOURNEY. This is something that has completely rocked my world. I started working out before school and noticed a huge change in my body in just 21 days. I feel stronger, have more energy, and I am H A P P I E R. I have always hated working out. ALWAYS. This has honestly a miracle because I am obsessed with working out now IN MY HOME for 30 minutes every morning. It’s been such a positive change for me and I am so excited to continue this into the new year. If you want more information on what program I’m doing send me a message! 🙂


I’ll end this post by sharing a few goals I have as an educator. I want to BE BRAVE in the following areas:

Teaching Style

This year has been a bit of a struggle for me because I work at a more traditional school. I like trying new things, not using the textbook (that is extremely old), and doing projects in my classroom, which is not the traditional way of teaching. It’s been really difficult not having someone to collaborate with that is innovative and open to trying new things. There have been times where I have felt like I needed to change the way I teach to “fit in” to my new school, but I decided that this is an area where I need to stay true to the educator that I am. I will be continue to think outside the box and be brave in my pursuit to teach material that will stick with my students.

Being A Role Model

I want to always have a positive attitude towards my students and my colleagues. I constantly want to speak life in my classroom and encourage my students to do their best. I hope to represent love, generosity, and kindness as their teacher. I hope that I am someone they can come to with their problems and someone they trust completely. I want my students to look at me as a role model and someone they respect. Sometimes this is difficult, but it’s a goal that I plan to achieve.

Self confidence

Another goal is to focus on being confident in who I am as an educator and as a person. For so long I have struggled with what people think about me or worried if my students and colleagues like me, but I’m done doing that!! I plan on embracing my weird personality and not caring so much about the opinions of others.

Self Care

Finally, I plan to take care of myself. I always tell new teachers “You can’t pour the juice from an empty pitcher!” I need to take my own advice on this one. I am going to do things that bring me joy, carve out some ME TIME each day, and pay attention to the needs of my body. If I want to be an awesome teacher, I need to make sure that I am taking care of my mind and body FIRST.


I hope this inspired you to set some goals and get ready for this AMAZING year to come. I believe that we will do great things in 2018, sweet friends. I would love to hear some of your goals for the new year! Drop some in the comments!

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “#GOALS

  1. Kielahn says:

    You have inspired me with all your creative activities, that now im trying something new each week with my students to keep them engaged! Thanks for posting!


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